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If you liked Earthfragments - buy affordable, quality fern fossils., here are 20 more sites we think you'll enjoy:


1.  Maximum Entropy (http://webalias.com/MaximumEntropy)
The Maximum Entropy Organization - Out of chaos, local order. Science with a twist.
2.  davidedward (http://webalias.com/davidedward)
David Edward Burt's Webpage Directory :Titanic Movie, Aerospace Discussion, etc., etc.
3.  Jay Leung (http://stop.to/you)
It's Jay's personal home page.
4.  alien (http://webalias.com/alien)
Everything you ever wanted to know about aliens including declassified information
5.  Hobby (http://webalias.com/Hobby)
Maplewood Hobby : A Full Service Hobby Store- featuring Modeling Supplies,Trains,Slot Cars,Militaria,and more
6.  howisit (http://webalias.com/howisit) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
How To do Things, Everday Miracles, Exploring Universe Marvels of Science etc..
7.  PocasPalabras (http://webalias.com/PocasPalabras)
Coleccion de articulos de Roberto Perez-Franco A buen entendedor... pocas palabras.
8.  Rocket World (http://webalias.com/RocketWorld)
the very best site on the web for rocket errata, ephemera, and esoteria!
9.  superno (http://webalias.com/superno) [ACCESS RESTRICTED]
10.  Welcome to AdLentis (http://webalias.com/WelcometoAdLentis)
Star Trek and Star Wars Downloads! Help, Info and Tools for programming in Pascal, Delphi and HTML!
11.  quadtrax (http://thrill.to/quadtrax)
The Home of QuadTrax is dedicated me and my hobbies: Science, Engineering, Rollerskating, Basket, Music a.o.
12.  RapaduraDigital (http://webalias.com/RapaduraDigital)
RapaduraDigital - All you need in the Net! Linux,programming,virus,C,C++,visualbasic,Mathematatica
13.  cryptozoology (http://thrill.to/cryptozoology)
This website is about the science of cryptozoology and the mysterious big cats roaming the British Isles!
14.  Voodoo (http://thrill.to/Voodoo)
Great Rresource For Serious Computer User All above I offer you in my homepage
15.  personals personals chat (http://webalias.com/personalspersonalschat)
Men looking for women, women looking for men adult Hot chat free ads free browsing free email sent
16.  cableTV (http://browser.to/cableTV)
Cable TV Descrambler Save Money Easy To Do Free Cable It's What You've been Looking For
17.  KS4 physics (http://browser.to/KS4physics)
physics revision
18.  aerogami (http://webalias.com/aerogami)
Aerogami: Incredible Paper Airplanes Anyone Can Fold. Interactive Paper Airplane kit. Instructions for folding new original Paper Airplanes, and tips to help you create your own unique planes.
19.  dyet (http://browser.to/dyet)
Construction International Development
20.  paleoartisans (http://browser.to/paleoartisans)
Scientifically accurate and humorous t-shirt designs of common and exotic dinosaurs and other fossil animals.
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